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Here is what some of our clients have had to say about our services:

The most important person in a writer’s life is the editor, who takes what the
author writes and makes it worthy of being read. As a self-published author of 11
books, I had 3 editors: a developmental editor, a copy editor and a proofreader.
Stephanie Vierra handled the development of my novels. After writing a chapter, I
would send it to her for editing, and I got back exactly what I wanted: someone to
challenge me and help me improve my words. Stephanie was my conscience and
made sure my writing told the story I attempted to portray. I could not and would
not continue with a chapter until I received Stephanie’s approval because she knew
exactly what to change and how to improve it. Her editing abilities are supreme.
She caught everything. I owe much to Stephanie Vierra and whole-heartedly
recommend her to any writer looking for an honest opinion. ~Patty Lesser, Author

I had the privilege of working with a talented and dedicated editor, Ms.Vierra, during my college application process. I was particularly impressed with Ms.Vierra's ability to provide constructive feedback that helped me notice areas where my writing might have been confusing or unclear. In fact, Ms.Vierra’s feedback was instrumental in helping me attract the attention of many admission committees at a lot of colleges.

I had applied to 21 colleges, and thanks in large part to Ms.Vierra's assistance, I was accepted into several prestigious universities, including North Carolina State, East Carolina University, and The George Washington University. Without Ms.Vierra’s help, I do not believe my writing skills alone would have been enough to get me accepted into so many colleges.

Overall, I am grateful for Ms.Vierra's support and guidance throughout my college application process. Ms.Vierra's expertise and commitment to helping students like myself achieve their academic goals make them an excellent choice for anyone seeking assistance with college essay writing.  ~Lourdes Anaya-Flores, College Student

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